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Negotiation Training Corporate Trial

Corporate Trial

Attention CEOs and leaders of large teams… With a Negotiator-Pro coached trial for corporate clients you have every opportunity to see for yourself if Negotiator-Pro is right for your corporation. With a Negotiator-Pro coach assigned to your company, no stone in the system will be unturned. You and your team will experience incredible changes in the way your corporation negotiates. During a trial it is not uncommon to have multiple successes worth thousands to millions of dollars.


Negotiation Training Individual Trial

Individual Trial

Work for yourself or inside of a larger team that might not want to adopt a full-scale negotiation system? Now you as an individual business person can experience negotiation coaching first hand and see for yourself if Negotiator-Pro has the impact on your bottom line without the large commitment of a full one-year engagement. With a 30-day coached trial there will be no guessing for you to know if Negotiator-Pro is right for you.


Negotiation Training And Much More

You can have the greatest product, service or anything else but if you don’t negotiate well you will never get there. Today that never has to happen. The greatest advantage in the world today is Negotiator Pro. The worlds finest system and structure of disciplined negotiations is now married to the worlds leading CRM technology. This union delivers perfect strategy, execution and complex negotiation management along with the negotiation training to make it all happen.

While many people think all that they need is negotiation training, the real results come from creating a complete system for negotiation management. This means that you will know exactly what to say in every possible scenario because an expert negotiation coach will be with you every step of the way. Negotiation training takes time, but with Negotiator Pro you can learn while you are executing high-level negotiations. There is truly nothing like it.